: Class Book Level 2

Цена: 668 руб.


is a story-based course for children starting English at the beginning of the school system. 1 is an oral-aural course and 2 offers a gentle introduction to the written word. 2 continues the adventures of Polly, Jack, and Daisy, their cat Otto, and the mouse characters who live under the floor.

Бархатова Комментарий К Конституции Рф

: Class Book 1

Цена: 668 руб.


A two-year course, starting with listening and speaking and introducing the written word in the second year.

Фруктовница С Крышкой

Street 2: Activity Book (+ CD-ROM)

Цена: 783 руб.


A two-year course to follow , or as a first English course for children who are ready to read and write. The characters found in have grown up a little and are exploring the streets!

Сколько Триумфальных Арок В Спб

: Activity Book 1

Цена: 411 руб.


This is story-based course that introduces young children to English first through listening and speaking, and then provides a gentle introduction to reading and writing.

Производство Солода Книги

Russian Mini Dictionary

Цена: 363 руб.


All the words you need every day. Practical help with grammar and vocabulary.

Телохранитель Наполеона Рустам

Phrasal Verbs Dictionary

Цена: 1942 руб.


The information students need to understand over 6,000 common phrasal verbs and use them correctly.

Купить Гладильную Доску Лайфхайт

Learners Pocket Thesaurus

Цена: 957 руб.


A handy, pocket-size thesaurus which helps students find synonyms and opposites for over 5,000 key words.

Купить Корм Наша Марка Для Собак В Спб

Rules for compositors and readers . at the press,

Цена: 754 руб.


Эта книга — репринт оригинального издания (издательство "London, H. Frowde", 1912 год), созданный на основе электронной копии высокого разрешения, которую очистили и обработали вручную, сохранив структуру и орфографию оригинального издания. Редкие, забытые и малоизвестные книги, изданные с петровских времен до наших дней, вновь доступны в виде печатных книг.

Alcatel One Touch Star Pop 5070D Soft Slate

Earth: Level 2 (аудиокурс на 2 CD)

Цена: 883 руб.


This is a topic-based course that allows learners to extend their language skills, while learning about the world around them.

Подвеска Simba Baby

Phonics World 1: The Alphabet (+ CD-ROM)

Цена: 1669 руб.


Welcome to Phonics World! Let us guide you through the world of phonics. Phonics World is the first step on your students' journey into English, leading you through all 44 sounds of the language. Рекомендуем!

Пуско Зарядное Устройство Force 220

Primary Skills 1: Reading and Writing

Цена: 778 руб.


Primary Skills is a six-level supplementary series to develop reading and writing skills in the primary classroom. Each unit is very clearly structured, and includes vocabulary work as well as step-by-step reading and writing tasks.

Wordpower Dictionary 4th Edition Pack (with CD-ROM)

Цена: 2365 руб.


Radically revised and updated, the 'oxford wordpower dictionary' is full of helpful new features to assist intermediate and upper-intermediate learners.

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